Cate White


Currently at a year long residency at the Roswell Artist in Residence Program in Roswell, NM.

Watch for my paintings in the background on the set of Transparent, Season 2!


SF Chronicle, 10/13/15, here in SFGate online.

"THE BOOK OF LIFE" is out now!!!
TEN volumes of selected sketchbook pages from the mid-life years of 2006 - 2013. Sometimes narcissistic, sometimes tragic, sometimes wise, mostly funny, always honest.
Published by Half Truth Press.
Available on Amazon.

Volume I: Always a Little in Love
Volume II: After That It's Only Fun and Winning
Volume III: Dream of the White Bandit
Volume IV: The Meat Question
Volume V: New Sicknesses
Volume VI: Fashion or Confusion
Volume VII: Slave to the Image, Master of the Real
Volume VIII: Diagnosis
Volume IX: Breakthrough Painting
Volume X: Life in General

Here I am reading the About the Authors from The Book of Life at the Radar Reading Series.